YouTube Bot is a basic python script that tries to increase the number of views on your YouTube video. Sometimes, we struggle to get views even though our contents are great. View counts also contribute to the YouTube algorithm. Hence, this tool might help you in such situation. Remember! Do not overuse as it is completely unethical.

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YouTube Bot

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Increase views on your videos


YouTube Bot is an easy to use simple python script that makes use of selenium to automate the process of increasing views on your Youtube Videos.


  • Any of the python3 versions may work for you, but we highly recommend using python 3.7+

  • Web Browser (Chrome or Firefox)

  • Drivers for their respective broswsers.

    We have included the drivers for the browsers in their respective folders. To get further info about drivers, or have any issues , kindly refer to the files in those folders.

Installation and Setup

  • Make sure you have Python3 installed in your system.
  • Then install the necessary libraries and modules by typing pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Download the apt Web Drivers (I have already included the drivers, so no need to worry).
  • Add the drivers to the path and you are done!!


  • Add the URL of your YouTube video and hit Submit.
  • Add the duration (specify how much time the script should "watch" your video. Format is HH:MM:SS)
  • Add the number of times you want to execute the script (mention inf for infinite).
  • Finally click on the start button to execute it.


If you are a contributor and willing to contribute to our project. You are highly welcome to do that. Here are the few things you have to keep in mind while doing a contribution.

  • Make sure, you read the Contributing Guidelines before starting with contributions.
  • Follow the coding conventions and best practices while making changes to the code.
  • Make use of the ISSUE and PULL_REQUEST templates in the .github folder.

Thanks for using our YouTube Bot!

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