This repository contains a 90-day cybersecurity study plan, along with resources and materials for learning various cybersecurity concepts and technologies. The plan is organized into daily tasks, covering topics such as Network+, Security+, Linux, Python, Traffic Analysis, Git, ELK, AWS, Azure, and Hacking. The repository also includes a `

farhanashrafdev farhanashrafdev Last update: Nov 17, 2023

90-Day Cybersecurity Study Plan

Day 1-7: Network+

Day 8-14: Security+

Day 15-28: Linux

Day 29-42: Python

Youtube Course:

Day 43-56: Traffic Analysis


Day 57-63: Git

Day 64-70: ELK

Day 71-77:

Any one of them works fine.




Day 85-90: Hacking


Day 91-92: One Page Resume

Day 93-95: Where and How to Apply

Search for jobs on Indeed: Look for opportunities on LinkedIn:


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