Your open-source newsletter platform. Inspired by Morning Brew

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Your open-source newsletter platform. Inspired by Morning Brew
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About The Project

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This is an open-source platform to launch your own Morning Brew like newsletter. It has all needed features built-in: creating new issues, web portal, role management, delayed sending, subscribe, unsubscribe, automated market info fetching and other cool stuff.

Originally, I used this project internally to host my own russian-speaking version of Morning Brew. I got around 200 users, send more than 10K emails and more than 60% opening rate, so this platform is quite real world tested :)

Built With

Technology stack is actually pretty simple. It is all powered by Django.

Getting Started


To start using this tool, you probably should need Python or Docker.


Here is the instruction how to start the app using Python:

  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Install pip packages
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Initialize the app with a simple SQLite database
    python migrate
  4. Create a superuser for your app
    python createsuperuser
  5. Start the app
    python runserver
  6. Go to the localhost:8000 to test it!


To use this app in the production, your probably should get a Mailgun API key. It is the easiest way to send bulk emails.

You can found a template how to configure Mailgun in email_website/

Docker, Dokku and Heroku deployment tutorials are to be added soon.


Igor Kotua - @garrrikkotua - [email protected]

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