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jrnl is a simple journal application for the command line.

You can use it to easily create, search, and view journal entries. Journals are stored as human-readable plain text, and can also be encrypted using AES encryption.

In a Nutshell

To make a new entry, just enter

jrnl yesterday: Called in sick. Used the time to clean the house and write my

yesterday: is interpreted by jrnl as a timestamp. Everything until the first sentence ending (either ., ?, or !) is interpreted as the title, and the rest as the body. In your journal file, the result will look like this:

[2012-03-29 09:00] Called in sick.
Used the time to clean the house and write my book.

If you just call jrnl, you will be prompted to compose your entry - but you can also configure jrnl to use your external editor.

For more information, please read the documentation.



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