Lo0sR is a simple python Keylogger with many functions.

lo0sr lo0sr Last update: Jul 31, 2023


Lo0sR is a simple python Keylogger

Available Features:

  1. Of course Keylogging
  2. Takes Photos through Webcam
  3. Screenshotting
  4. If CTRL-C copies what is being copied
  5. Dumps all passwords stored in Chrome
  6. Dumps Chrome History
  7. Sends Mail every 5 min with all the gathered data (The Keylogger deletes all alredy sent data)
  8. Moves itself to Startup
  9. Gets Windowname that is currently being used
  10. Hides Folder
  11. If Skype is installed: gets all Personal Information from Skype DB

Upcoming Features:

  1. Dump all stored Passwords for more Browsers (Internet Explorer, etc.)
  2. Infect USB stick if a usb stick is plugged in


  1. PyHook
  2. Pythoncom
  3. Mimetypes
  4. OpenCV 2.4.9+
  5. SimpleCV

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