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“The rough edges are a part of its charm”

Unofficial wrapper for the SauceNAO JSON API


This package requires Python 3.6 or later.

pip install -U saucenao_api


from saucenao_api import SauceNao

# Replace the key with your own
sauce = SauceNao('077f16b38a2452401790540f41246c7d951330c0')
results = sauce.from_url('https://i.imgur.com/oZjCxGo.jpg')  # or from_file()

best = results[0]  # results sorted by similarity

The library attempts to provide a developer friendly container format for all results. Meaning, no matter if SauceNao returns a Pixiv source result or a more obscure source, you'll be able to easily pull the title, urls, author and other useful information:

from saucenao_api import SauceNao
results = SauceNao('077f16b38a2452401790540f41246c7d951330c0').from_url('https://i.imgur.com/oZjCxGo.jpg')

len(results)   # 6
bool(results)  # True

# Request limits
results.short_remaining  # 4  (per 30 seconds limit)
results.long_remaining   # 99 (per day limit)

results[0].thumbnail     # temporary URL for picture preview
results[0].similarity    # 93.3
results[0].title         # めぐみん
results[0].urls          # ['https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=77630170']
results[0].author        # frgs
results[0].raw           # raw result

Video search results and book search results provide additional attributes:

from saucenao_api import SauceNao, VideoSauce, BookSauce
result = SauceNao('077f16b38a2452401790540f41246c7d951330c0').from_url('https://i.imgur.com/k9xlw6f.jpg')[0]

if isinstance(result, VideoSauce):
    result.part      # 02
    result.year      # 2009-2009
    result.est_time  # 00:05:32 / 00:21:10

elif isinstance(result, BookSauce):

You can use the dir function to see all the attributes.


import asyncio
from saucenao_api import AIOSauceNao

async def main():
    # async requesting is also supported via the AIOSauceNao class
    async with AIOSauceNao('077f16b38a2452401790540f41246c7d951330c0') as aio:
        results = await aio.from_url('https://i.imgur.com/k9xlw6f.jpg')

The async with functionality is pretty useful if you want to make multiple requests. Note that you can still search without the async with syntax by simply calling await AIOSauceNao(...).from_url(...).

Advanced usage

from saucenao_api import SauceNao
from saucenao_api.params import DB, Hide, BgColor

sauce = SauceNao(api_key=None,          # Optional[str] 
                 testmode=0,            # int
                 dbmask=None,           # Optional[int]
                 dbmaski=None,          # Optional[int]
                 db=DB.ALL,             # int
                 numres=6,              # int
                 frame=1,               # int
                 hide=Hide.NONE,        # int
                 bgcolor=BgColor.NONE,  # int

The parameters frame, hide and bgcolor are taken from the main page and from the testing page, so their performance is not guaranteed. For the rest see SauceNAO User Config page (registration required).


All exceptions inherit from SauceNaoApiError for easy catching and handling. See errors.py file for details.

Note: SauceNao doesn't have good documentation. Exceptions are created only based on observations of changes in the returned status codes. If you find a specific error that is not being processed, please report it.


This package is based on pysaucenao.

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