:newspaper: A responsive interface of Hacker News with summaries and thumbnails.

polyrabbit polyrabbit Last update: May 12, 2023

Hacker News Digest

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This service extracts summaries and illustrations from hacker news articles for people who want to get the most out of hacker news while cutting down the time spent on deciding which one to read and which to skip.

Also see my guide on How to extract main content from web pages using Machine-Learning.


  • A responsive and modern interface that fits well on mobile phones
  • Summaries and images make articles scannable
  • Common video sites, PDFs and gists of github are embedded directly
  • Subdomains and their lovely favicons are also shown
  • Sort articles by score/comment/time
  • RSS feed can be customized by score and keyword

Talk is cheap, illustrate what it can do for me!




  • A better way to scrap websites(maybe PhantomJS & Selenium)
  • A more beautiful home page(maybe in HTML9)
  • A better algo to extract summaries
  • Sort articles by score/comment/time
  • RSS
  • Deploy on github pages
  • Have a good sleep !important



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