:newspaper: Let ChatGPT Summarize Hacker News for You

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Let ChatGPT Summarize Hacker News for You

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Hacker News Summary leverages AI technology to extract summaries and illustrations from Hacker News articles, providing a seamless news scanning experience.

Summaries are primarily generated by ChatGPT gpt-3.5-turbo model, and fallback to local GoogleT5 model when ChatGPT is not available.


  • Clear and easily understandable summaries generated by our advanced AI assistant
  • Relevant illustrations make articles easily scannable and visually engaging
  • Common video sites, PDFs, and GitHub gists are seamlessly embedded
  • Flexibility to sort articles based on their points, comment count, or publication time
  • Filter the topN articles based on their points.
  • RSS feeds fully supported (#14, #19)
  • Local translation (Chinese)

Talk is cheap, show me the screenshot!


Emoji explained:

  • ❤️: point - upvotes received from the Hacker News community
  • 👤: user - Hacker News user who submitted this post
  • 🕘: submission time - a human-readable time indicating when the post was submitted
  • 💬: comment count - comments posted by the community, click to visit this comment page
  • 🔗: source of the news - where the news originated
  • 📰: summary model - which model is used to generate the summary, options are OpenAI, GoogleT5 and Prefix

How it works

Hacker News Summary is a static site hosted on GitHub Pages. It performs the following periodic actions:

  1. Parsing the Hacker News page to obtain a list of news articles
  2. Extracting the main content from each news article using a score algorithm
  3. Finding the most suitable illustration for each article and making a local copy
  4. Generating summaries of the article's content using OpenAI API or invoking a local model as a fallback when the API is unavailable
  5. Rendering a template that incorporates the illustrations and summaries, and deploying it to GitHub Pages


Translation is also performed by ChatGPT, with a single extra step in the prompt. Currently supported languages:


  • A better way to scrap websites (maybe PhantomJS & Selenium)
  • Also summarize comments (see discussions on Hacker News)
  • Switch to Hacker News API
  • A more beautiful home page (maybe in HTML9)
  • Discover an alternative local models for generating summaries
  • Sort articles by points/comments/time
  • Filter topN articles by points
  • RSS
  • Deploy on github pages
  • Have a good sleep !important

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