Collection of lightweight Python projects that share the same policy

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Pyrustic Open Ecosystem

Pyrustic is a collection of lightweight Python projects that share the same policy.

The goal is to build and maintain a reliable, consistent, easy-to-use and relevant Python codebase for tech enthusiasts.

These projects cover various topics: automation, data persistence and exchange, GUI, themes, widgets, multithreading, markup, utilities, project management, et cetera.


Name Description
Exonote Write and render rich, scriptable, and interactive notes
Backstage Three-speed scripting language and automation tool
Shared Triptych for data exchange and persistence
Hooking Generic Hooking Mechanism for Python
Gaspium Reference framework to build GASP apps
TkStyle Library to create styles and themes for Python apps
Subrun Processes spawning in Python
Jesth Just Extract Sections Then Hack !
Setupinit Initialize Python projects
Buildver Tool to build Python packages with built-in intuitive versioning mechanism
Litemark Lightweight Markdown dialect for Python apps
Megawidget Collection of megawidgets to build graphical user interfaces for Python apps
Viewable Python library to implement a GUI view with lifecycle
Threadom Tkinter-compatible multithreading
Oscan Scanner for hacking computer languages
Suggestion Democratizing auto-complete(suggest) for Python desktop applications
Cyberpunk-Theme A modern dark theme for Python apps
Winter-Theme A modern light theme for Python apps
Kurl Konnection URL: HTTP requests in Python with an implementation of conditional request and a responses caching system
Probed Probed collections for Python
Codegame Python app to create, distribute, discover, and run codegames
Hubstore Distribute, promote, discover, install, and run Python desktop applications
Jupitest Graphical test runner
Rustiql Graphical SQL editor


Each package listed above can be installed individually from PyPI.

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