A simple CLI productivity tool to quickly display the syntax of a desired piece of code

Solirs Solirs Last update: Jun 10, 2022


Iforgor is a customisable and easy to use command line tool to manage code samples.It's a good way to quickly get your hand on syntax you dont remember right from your terminal without wasting time looking on the internet.


Method :

Creates symlinks of iforgor.py and the snippets folder to /usr/local/bin. So that it can be run from anywhere on the terminal.

Requirements :

  • Python.
  • Git.
  • The colorama python module.

Step by step procedure :

  1. Open a terminal and cd into the directory you want to install the program into.

  2. Run "git clone https://github.com/Solirs/iforgor/"

  3. Cd into the newly created "iforgor" directory

  4. Run "./setup.sh" as root (it has to be run as root since it needs to create files in /usr/local/bin), add the ungit argument to remove github related files and folders like the readme and license.

  5. Run "iforgor -h"

If it works, the install was successful.You can then delete setup.sh


To uninstall, simply delete the 'iforgor' and 'snippets' symlinks in /usr/local/bin.

Then delete the iforgor folder.

Iforgor 101

To display a piece of code, run the following.


The language argument represents a folder in the "snippets" directory.You can add any language you want by creating a folder in it.

The snippet argument represents a *.txt file in the specified language directory that containd the code sample you want to display.You can add any code sample by creating a *.txt in a desired language folder.

So if you want to add a function sample for the, lets say Rust language for example.You will have to create a directory named "rust" in the snippets folder.And create a function.txt file in the rust folder with the code you want inside.

You can then print it out by running iforgor rust function

Pro tips:

  • Languages and snippets are case insensitive. So you can run 'iforgor lAnGuAgE sNiPpeT'.

  • You dont need to do the setup process, but its required if you want to be able to run iforgor easily from anywhere.

  • There are default snippets yes, but iforgor is designed to be customized, dont hesitate to add your own custom snippets and languages.


alt text



This should work on pretty much any linux distro, but i can make mistakes, so dont hesitate opening an issue if you face problems.

Iforgor was tested on:

Debian 11 : Working

Void Linux : Working

Arch Linux : Working

BSDs and other unix based operating systems.

Those are less certain to work, but you can still give it a try.

Tested on:

FreeBSD : Working

OpenBSD : Working

Want to contribute ?

Sure. All help is accepted.

The code is very commented if you want to take a look at it.

PLEASE dont forget to star the project if you find it interesting, it helps out a ton.

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