KIZAGAN is a python computer backdoor(RAT) and it can take camera pictures,screenshot,browser datas and cookies etc...

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KIZAGAN is a RAT built with python.It can take camera snapshots, screenshots, browser datas and cookies etc. Also it has a keylogger and it is undetectable.


  • Basic file/directory commands.(rename, delete, create etc.)

  • Can execute windows command prompt commands directly.

  • Can get camera snapshots.

  • Can get screenshots.

  • Can download files.

  • Can upload files.

  • Has keylogger.

  • Have persistence.(Persistence:It can hide itself to registry.)

  • Can take wifi names and passwords.

  • Can combine with a file you specify.

  • Constant connections.

  • Undetectable.

  • Can get browser saved usernames and passwords.

  • Can get browser cookies.


I am not responsible in bad uses of kizagan.


Firstly, you must need a windows computer.Because we don't want to encounter any errors while converting Python to exe.For server you can use linux or windows it doesn't matter.But we must need windows to conversion process.So execute the following command :

  • python


  1. If you want to put icon to your trojan, go to internet and find a icon.Then download to kizagan-main directory.(or you can convert png, jpg file to .ico file)

  2. If you want to combine a file with trojan, go to internet and find a file you wanted.Then download to kizagan-main directory.


  1. Execute the to convert python file to windows executable file.


  • -ip = Set the ip address for reverse connection.

  • -p = Set the port number for reverse connection.

  • -i = Set the icon for trojan if you wanted.

  • -f = Set the combine file for trojan if you wanted.

  1. Wait for conversion process.


  1. When its done, you can see the executable file in the 'dist' folder.And from now it's up to you.So send this file to victim(via mail etc.) and wait for opens the file.

  2. Let's say victim opened the trojan.When trojan opened, our combine file will open up.And our trojan is executed background.


  1. You can listen the incoming connections with following command :
  • python -ip <ip_address_to_listen> -p <port_number_to_listen>


  1. When the connection comes, you can start executing commands on target computer.


  1. And we are rocking now! You can see the commands with 'help' command.



  1. And don't forget to remove theese parts in


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