Python SDK for API

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Python SDK for API


Python requirement: >= Python 3.6

pip install

quickly enroll

Minimal example:

from khl import Bot, Message

# init Bot
bot = Bot(token='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx')

# register command, send `/hello` in channel to invoke
async def world(msg: Message):
    await msg.reply('world!')

# everything done, go ahead now!
# now invite the bot to a server, and send '/hello' in any channel
# (remember to grant the bot with read & send permissions)

For more example and tutorial, please turn to example


when question encountered during using, please refer to our wiki for FAQ set

if your question has not been listed yet, please create a issue or join our talk channel for help


welcome! we are glad to get help from community hands, and don't be shy to show your code, we can improve it together even if it's not perfect right now

if there is any bug/perf/feature request, we are willing to deal with your issue/pull request!

the only red tape:

only accept commits satisfying Conventional Commits convention

search plugins with keyword commitizen for your editor/IDE, then addict to write commit message

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