Minimal open source Screen-Time Tracker for Linux

Waishnav Waishnav Last update: Mar 11, 2024


Minimal Open source Screen-Time Tracker (CLI-app)

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Watcher is CLI-app (at this moment) which helps you to get perspective about your Screen-time


Day Summary Week Summary

Funfact: You might be thinking how can someone has 14 hrs of screen time in a single day, Well ! short ans is AFK-feature is not implemented yet... Most of the time I left my laptop as it is so it also counts that AFK time as Screen-time


  • Note: Install xprintidle and xdotool on your system ( the only dependancies other than python3 ). Install python3 if not installed in your machine.
  • First, Install the following dependancy xprintidle and xdotool
$ sudo [package-manager] install xprintidle xdotool
  • Second, Copy the Following Command and paste in terminal
$ bash <(curl -s
  • Then run install script
$ chmod +x ./install && ./install

Want to Contribute

If you are interseted in contibuting checkout

You can currently contribute to one of the three projects listed below throughout the HACTOBERFEST.

To contribute, clone the relevant branch anywhere you wish to.


  • AFK feature
  • GUI only if got 300 stars Probably Tauri App.

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