XToolBox - A collection of 156+ Windows 10/11 optimization and tweaking apps!

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A toolbox full of Windows 11 and 10 debloating utilities!
please donate, i need to feed my 7 kids and 3 wifes
Made by @xemulated
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📑 Important

XTB is in the process of being recoded, give me suggestions on the Discord server.

If this program gets flagged as malware it's a false positive. The program is literally open-source, don't worry.

Nope, this program won't run on windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (or 32-bit systems). Adressing Issue #9

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🖊️ Reviews

nice toolbox


Thanks bro, very useful softwhere


After using XTB my computer started having an erection


now I get more fps in minecraft lessgooo


⚒️ Building

  • Remember to put in your UPX path, not to the exe, just to the directory!

The building process requires: Python 3 and Git

git clone https://github.com/xemulat/XToolbox
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install pyinstaller
pyinstaller --onefile --clean --upx-dir="path\to\upx\dir" main.py

📌 Todo

  • Waiting for requests 🚎

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